Built for small & medium schools

Hoptree is built to help admissions teams at small & medium sized private schools compile and manage their data efficiently, effectively and safely across a wide range of devices.

From keeping track of records, notes, and forms to streamlining your onboarding process, we make managing your students’ information easy so you can focus on creating more opportunities.

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Hoptree fits with your existing procedures

Why waste time and money retraining your team to use a frustrating CRM, Student Information System or other monolithic software when you can have a lightweight, web-based solution that puts your students’ data at your fingertips?

Hoptree is a cost-effective, customizable data management solution that fits your team’s needs. No changing your existing process to fit an out-of-the-box software, misplacing student files, or searching for lost notes - we help you organize, edit and manage your information, and with full data export capability, your data is always yours.

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Hoptree Features

Task Lists

Save time and get organized by creating task lists and categorizing them using the criteria that makes sense to you. Add descriptions and due dates, create tasks and track progress.

Full Data Export

Your data is always yours. Export any portion or all student information to an .xls or .csv format for easy editing and portability.

Workflow Creation

Establish a custom hierarchy of categories and tasks, create lists and make company-wide data changes based on the way you work. No need to hire a developer or consultant to make simple edits.

Student Profiles

Compile and efficiently manage information about individual students and alumni. Each profile features a portrait and overview of basic demographics and relevant forms, applications, reports and more. Move students from grade to grade with a click of a button.

Custom Forms

Build custom forms based on the specific type of data you need to collect, from admissions and applicant details to incident reports, special awards and more. Full version control allows you to easily flip between early and most recent revisions so information is always at your fingertips.


Your at-a-glance, perfectly organized summary of the latest activity on your personal profile and across the institution. Review and easily access completed and upcoming tasks, work in progress and recent activity from one convenient hub.

Build a happy admissions office

Hoptree lets private schools and membership-based organizations run their admission offices on their own terms.

  • No servers to install
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Matches your existing workflow
  • Quick and easy to learn

We're with you every step of the way.

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